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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Fri Mar 21, 2008 9:19 pm

Every community has rules, Spellbound is no different.

1. This is a TEEN community, this means Spellbound is for teens only. There are many Pagan/Wiccan forums and e-schools for adults out there. If you suspect someone is older then 18 on the Spellbound website please report them. It's not that we want to exclude anyone, it's that we want to keep the members of this website safe, also this is a teen website the information here is geared towards teenagers.

2. Though this is a Pagan and Wiccan website we accept all religions, please feel free to talk about Buddha or Jesus or the Bible or Torah. Everyone at Spellbound is accepted.

3. Spellbound isn't here to censor people, express what you want and how you feel. I personally will not remove or ban any member unless I, or someone on the site feels personally threatened. If you feel offended by vulgar language, sexual content, or the talk of drugs and alcohol maybe this isn't the best site for you. I feel that all of this is part of being a teenager therefor I'm not going to to be to strict about the content. If however someone discriminates people for their religion, gender, color, sexual preference, or anything else that makes them them, they will be banned. I have a zero-tolerance policy for people who are not accepting of the differences that make people unique.

4. Most of all have fun.

Thank you,
Spellbound Administration

The rain pours, my tears fall. The pain subsides, I stand in awe.
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Rules and Regulations
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